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Retail &
Supply Chain
with Blockchain

Trustable transactions. New business models. Reduced leakages.

What is BlockRetail

Blockretail is a convenient end to end solution for supply chain management and retail.

Bringing the ability of tracking every single asset and transation immutably allows enterprises to reduce supply chain leakages, increase consumer trust in their products and test out new disruptive business and fulfillment models.

Tech Review

Our Features

BlockRetail is the simplest solution for all your supply chain and retail needs.

Device Independent

Use our platform with your existing infrastructure.

Safe & Secure

With verifiable cryptographic standards, this is as safe as it gets.


Track individual expenses and sales.

Experts Support

Tech support to adapt our solution to your needs.

Instant Exchange

High throughput on our network ensures no transactions lay around.

Analytics Enabled

Run your analytics workload on top of the data generated, or use our tools.

Get Started With BlockRetail

Get in touch with us, and we'll run you through a quick 3 step adoption policy for your stakeholders.


Create Your Account

Your account is your cryptographic identity. This is how you interact with everyone and everything.


Record Transactions

Create new items, move them around, and keep a history of everything moved around.


Analyse and Track

Track automatic flags about discreapencies, and follow automatic analytics based solutions.




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